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Gender Equality in Research

The research training group (RTG) IntComSin aims to have a high number of female doctoral researchers and will strongly encourages talented female students to pursue doctorate studies. In particular the RTG ensures equal opportunities for all participating scientists and takes the needs of young researchers with children and/or from abroad into account in everyday life (e.g., family-friendly working and workshop times, travel support, etc.), but also in career planning (individual supervision agreement, panel discussions with experienced colleagues). In these matters, the RTG can not only rely on the excellent service provided by the institutional environment, as by the FAU Graduate Centre and the Graduate Centre at UR, but also on structures at the participating universities which have been installed to fasten gender equality and the compatibility of family and scientific career. The RTG will rely on and participate in these measures.

For specific measures at the University of Regensburg we refer to the: Coordinating Office for Equal Opportunities and Family

For specific measures at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg we refer to the: Büro für Gender und Diversity